Dixie Precision (machine shop)

 Dixie Precision Inc.

4137 Lewisburg Road

Birmingham,  Al.  35207




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 Dixie is a full service machine shop, offering precision machining for over 30 years. With over 45,000 sq feet of machine shop equipment, we can turn, mill, bore, grind, weld saw, broach, cut keyway, turn down, drill and tap

We have proudly served America's manufacturing industry for over 30 years.

Our machining capabilities include boring, milling, turning. Drilling, sawing, threading, welding, and inspection services, such as eddy probe testing, Guass testing.  Let us check runout  (mechanical run  out) on your  large shafts.  With our large balancing machine we can handle both your static and dynamic balance needs.     We machine castings, forgings, stainless steel, titanium Beryllium, brass, hastelloy, aluminium, plastics, and many other materials. 

,  We have both manual and CNC machines.  CNC lathes andnd  cnc milling centers,  enhances our tradition shop.  Our keyseater and slotter enable us to keep work in house. We cut keyways.   Working to drawing specs, we hold  very close tolerances.  We are a precision job shop.  With (6) 7 ½ tons overhead cranes we can handle a lot of weight.  Our machine shop is known for machining large fan shafts, hubs and wheels, sole plates and pedestals,  sleeves, just to mention a few.

 A complete machine shop provides a full range of large turning and milling capabilities. We have 48000 square feet of lathes, mills and bars, and support equipment. With precision machining, close tolerances one of our specialities is large fan shafts in Alabama and thru out the USA.    We have both manual and CNC machinery.  Our overhead crane systems allow us to handle loads upwards to 30,000 lbs.

Dixie Precision Inc.


 Engine Lathe Alabama w/digital Readouts
CNC Lathe Alabama
Heavy Duty Lathe Alabama

Vertical Boring mill Alabama
Turret Lathe Alabama
Horizontal Mill Alabama


Vertical Mill Alabama
Bridgeport Vertical Mill with Digital Readouts Alabama
Hydrotel Vertical Mill Alabama
Horizontal Boring Mill Alabama

Bullard Horizontal Boring Alabama


Vertical lathe Alabama
Planer Mill Alabama
CNC vertical machining center Alabama


Drill Press Alabama

 CNC vertical machining center Alabama

Drill Press Alabama
Radial Drill Alabama
American Radial Drill Press Alabama
Automatic Drill Alabama
Key Seater Alabama

Hydraulics Slotter Alabama

Rockford Slotter Alabama
Shaper Alabama
Vertical Band Saw Alabama
Wellsaw Alabama

Pattern Burner with Plasma Alabama
Sunnen Honer Alabama


Tig Welder Alabama
Eddy probe testing Alabama

electrical mechanical runout, Alabama

Gauss testing Alabama

Rotary Tables Alabama

Engine Lathe Birmingham w/digital Readouts
CNC Lathe  Birmingham  

 Heavy Duty Lathe Birmingham

Vertical lathe Birmingham

Turret Lathe  Birmingham

Horizontal Mill Birmingham

Vertical Mill   Birmingham 

Bridgeport Vertical Mill with Digital Readouts Birmingham
Hydrotel Vertical Mill Birmingham
Horizontal Boring Mill Birmingham

Bullard Horizontal Boring  Birmingham 


Planer Mill  Birmingham
CNC vertical machining center Birmingham 

Drill Press  Birmingham  
Radial Drill  Birmingham  
American Radial Drill Press Birmingham 
Automatic Drill  Birmingham
Key Seater  Birmingham 

Hydraulics Slotter Birmingham

Rockford Slotter   Birmingham
Shaper  Birmingham 
Vertical Band Saw  Birmingham 
Wellsaw  Birmingham 

Pattern Burner with Plasma  Birmingham

Sunnen Honer  A Birmingham
Tig Welder Birmingham  
Eddy probe testing  Birmingham

electrical mechanical runout, Birmingham  Gauss testing Birmingham  

ers, Welders, etc.




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